by dude elsberry

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caitlin-young thumbnail
caitlin-young this album has got me through some real late nights editing and i love it a lot Favorite track: skip.
ivettec thumbnail
ivettec Willie brought me here. Favorite track: already drove around.
Charles Anderson
Charles Anderson thumbnail
Charles Anderson The DB and Josh team knock it out of the park with this one. It's really awesome to hear new tracks alongside other tunes they've had in their live repertoire for some time now. Hearing their full studio realizations of these tracks takes them into new territories only previously hinted at live. Now that they are a 4 piece live, I am really excited to see them explode. Congrats boys, this is a sick record and something to be really proud of. Favorite track: worry.
emily thumbnail
emily this album is really good, and that's all there is to it Favorite track: already drove around.
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conner That's a good dog there on the album cover, I like it. Favorite track: already drove around.
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recorded at reunion arena in plano, texas


released March 10, 2017

all songs written and recorded by dude elsberry except

bass on "safe distance" by terence shipp
saxophone on "skip" and "tell" by evan gordon
organ on "safe distance," some guitars on "safe distance," "flower cup," and "deer," bass on "tell," "$20," and "captain america" by joshua luttrull

produced and mixed by dude elsberry, nate litz, and joshua luttrull
mastered by joshua luttrull and nate litz

special thanks to: beck, alexas, ivette, and ariel for the hospitality, vincent and victor for the pedals and snare stand that one time, chi for the shirts back in august, chance and alex for helping us sound good live, luke for helping me flesh some of these songs out back in the day, anthony for letting me stay at your place that time, all of our parents



all rights reserved


dude elsberry Austin, Texas

dude elsberry is:
josh malett
daniel bryson

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Track Name: dtmh
i still don't know how to
live and work in the world
Track Name: chasing
you say that
he's only chasing you cause
you know a lot of things
you think that he could use
to make himself grow up

and you hate when he acts all tough

you say that
he's only wasting time
cause he's got a lot to spend
you say that
he's only hanging on
cause you've got a lot of friends
you think that he will use
to make himself feel loved

you think "i hate when he takes that stuff"
as you take off your makeup
Track Name: safe distance
not more than one in that way
not messed up but unreal
pressed down inside the tunnel
facing cohabitants

not sure what to look for
imagine a safe distance from it

hey man,
you've been in the bathroom
for a while
and everybody out here is
starting to worry

about you
Track Name: worry
do you ever worry
Track Name: tell
i'm an asshole
i'm an idiot
i don't respond to
people's messages
but if you ask me
why i'm alone all the time
i'll probably tell you
i don't know why

and i'm pretty sure i just told you why
but i don't know why i told you that

and i can tell the truth
i just can't tell you
Track Name: $20
thinking of "all of the lights"
i've been watching
movies on my
tv all night
do you want to
get high in your bedroom
if not, that's fine
cause i've got twenty dollars
Track Name: flower cup
what the fuck is wrong with you?
Track Name: captain america
i don't give a fuck about captain america
or what we have for breakfast
it's not like i tried, i just don't

i could fall in love probably with anyone
ever since that time when i felt so alone

is that over now?
Track Name: deer
are you a deer?
cause i'm a deer too
and i dont fear you
like i do the others
or are you another hunter?
i don't see too good
but i like the way you hover
i used to think it'd be this way forever

but i don't feel that way anymore

are you still here?
i can barely hear you
over the others
have you found some other
things to do besides
find more sad shit to listen to?
i remember one time you said
"i don't know anybody else
who thinks like you do"

but you don't feel that way anymore
Track Name: nother
wish that i was
wish that i
saw that you were over.
me, i would've thought...

wish that you saw everyone
everything went just like i did
i did not want you to see
Track Name: already drove around
you and me already had our time
i'm sorry i was sleeping
you watched my eyes

i'm always sleeping
i'm always up

it's true it seems we'll never be slime
season's changing
you're arranging a long drive

i'm still sleeping
i'm still up

i said i was going out but i just drove around
i said i was going out but i just drove around
i said i was going out but i just drove around
i said i was going out but i just drove around
i said i was going out but i just drove around
i said i was going out but i just drove around
i said i was going out but i just drove around
i said i was going out but i just drove around
i said i was going out but i just drove around
i said i was going out but i just drove around
i said i was going out but i just drove around
i said i was going out but i just drove around
i wish that you had seen me standing in that room
and i wish my phone blinked every time you felt as doomed
as me